Adoptive Parents Info

Dear Prospective Adoptive Parents,

Thank you for your interest in THE BEST GIFT ADOPTIONS, INC. We are a California state registered adoption facilitation office and we are very happy that you are considering adoption. We know that the wish to adopt a child comes with many questions and concerns. We are most happy to take time for conversation with you, addressing those questions and concerns so you will have an understanding of the process.

Our goal is to assist you with the formation of an adoption plan that is right for your family. All of us here at THE BEST GIFT ADOPTIONS are dedicated to working with everyone involved, to ensure a smooth journey towards the fulfillment of your dreams.

Our director is an adoptive mother of three and has been an adoption professional for over 18 years. She has personally and professionally experienced all areas of the independent adoption process. She will be happy to share all aspects of the joys and roller coaster rides which are involved with adoptions.

Birthmothers who have successfully adopted through our office are also available to talk with you about their personal experiences.


THE BEST GIFT ADOPTIONS, INC. has an extensive advertising and outreach program. Our experience is that most adoptive families are "matched" with a Birthmother within 7-18 months, depending upon their specific requirements.

We also provide complete information to Adopting Families and Birthmothers so they can choose the right family for their baby.

Because we are an adoption facilitation office and not a state licensed agency, nor adoption attorneys or therapists, we are able to provide a wide range of individually personalized services.

After signing on with our office, it is advisable that you begin the home study process. We can assist in providing or guidance in locating referrals to home study agencies and adoption attorneys, who can also continue on to complete all legal requirements in the process.

Contact us anytime via phone: (818) 888-4333
or email