About Our Office

We are Nikki and Michael Biers and are the Directors of The Best Gift Adoptions, Inc. - A California State registered adoption facilitation office. We have been blessed with 3 beautiful adopted children, ages 20, 18 and 13, all of whom we adopted at birth. Nikki also has 4 biological adult children, 5 grandchildren, and 2 new great-grandbabies.

We have had our own adoption facilitation office since 1995. In 2003 we opened our newest office. We are privileged to have participated in the adoptions of over 235 babies. We feel very fortunate to be allowed to share in this miraculous process, and to work with the courageous women whose strength and love for their babies allow us all to become families.

We sort of fell into this work when we were looking to adopt our second child. Nikki had just completed 4 years of ministerial training and we had just experienced a very painful failed second adoption. Nikki and Michael have always believed that adoption is a wonderful way to form a family and had a beautiful adopted son. Nikki knew, after her training, that this is work she would love, and that would give her the opportunity to help other waiting prospective adoptive parents to find the children they so wanted.

We went to a local adoption facilitation office and told the Director that we wanted a baby and that Nikki wanted to work in this field…in that order. She got the job that day and our second son was born just 4 weeks later. She worked in that office for over 3 years, and among the many gifts she received through that experience, was the knowledge that this is the work she was meant to do.



After leaving that office and taking nearly a year sabbatical to focus on her ministerial training, we decided to open our facilitation office, and have been, and are very grateful to have the opportunity to do this work.

Although we are not attorneys, or an agency, or licensed therapists, we are able to do our part of helping families locate birthparents, and birthparents to find and choose the right families for their precious babies. We can also refer all parties to attorneys and agencies to handle the legal part of the process, and have referrals of licensed psychologists to counsel the birthparents, if they would like counseling.

Prior to working in adoption, Michael had a very active career as an actor and singer. He worked extensively in theatre around the country,including Broadway and did some acting in TV and film. Nikki’s background was also in theatre and the entertainment industry. Her parents were musicians and she spent lots of time, as a child, in theatres in Chicago where her dad was working. When she moved to California, she worked in the administrative end, as Office Manager for talent agencies, as well as in theatres, in costumes and props. There, she gained experience in all areas of office operation, as well as working with people in high stress situations.

When we married, and Michael decided to focus on his music, we produced 3 albums of Broadway style motivational music, that Michael performed at drug and child abuse seminars, self-esteem seminars for teachers, and large motivational events with well-knows speakers, all over the country.